iRazoo Hack

iRazoo Hack

Looking for an iRazoo hack this 2013? iRazoo is a site that awards members with free gift cards of all sort for doing certain task.  For every task a member completes, he/she is awarded with points.  The boring part however is that the points are sometimes too small and takes like forever just to get a $10 iTunes gift card since it costs 6,000 points.  Most free task will only award you 5 points so it will take you a couple of tasks to achive your desired points.

There is a trick however to getting iRazoo points fast and easy and that is through the use of a bot that will do all the work for you.

Watch my test account: 75 points before application.

After running the tool and waiting a few minutes, 60,000 points was added to my account without me sweating a thing.

1.  Download iRazoo Boom
2.  Unpack and install
3.  Open your web browser and log to your iRazoo Account
4.  Run your tool
5.  Enter your username and wait for it to connect to your account
6.  Select your desired points
7.  Wait for tool to complete